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Application Designer Toolkit


In addition to the General Features common to all DOT v3 Packages, the Application Designer Toolkit (aka System Tools) Module contains all of the CASE (Computer Aided Software Engineering) functions necessary to create and maintain the Metadata upon which all DOT v3 Packages are based and includes the following:

Active, Integrated Data Dictionary

All Data Attributes are controlled through the Integrated Data Dictionary Tools.  The DOT v3 Data Dictionary is Column (Field) oriented by design allowing the Database Administrator to easily enforce consistency and track use throughout all DOT v3 Applications.

Video Objects

All Video Input/Output is controlled through manipulating Video Data and Video Tag Objects.  Video Objects are assembled to create Video Tables which define the look of all Programs requiring Video Input/Output including: Lookup, Menu, Maintenance, Transaction Entry, and Select Functions.

Report Objects

All Report Output is controlled through manipulating Report Header and Report Line Objects.  Report Objects are assembled to create Report Tables which define the look of all Programs requiring Report style Output including: Document, Journal, Report, Label, and Inquiry Functions.

Design Utilities

A complete set of Design Utilities is included supporting an Iterative/Incremental approach to Database, Video, and Report Design.  Any number of different Design changes may be viewed without making them permanent.  Until the Video and Report Table Entries are generated (the last design step), none of the Design changes effect the “Live” Programs.

Import/Export Data Utilities

Internal Data may be mapped to any User Defined External Data Definition and an external file created in any of several formats including:  Fixed width ASCII, Delimited ASCII, and SQL.  Likewise, an external file may be used to create an Internal Data Table.  These Utilities can be used for any number of purposes including: Internal Data Table Conversions, Exporting Data to other applications, and Importing Data from other applications.

Import/Export/Copy Tools Data Utilities

Data Dictionary, Video Objects, and Report Objects used to build Video and Report Tables may be Imported, Exported, and Copied.  These Utilities can be used in a variety of ways including: Archiving a previous version, moving an enhancement from one company to another, and creating a new program by “cloning” it from an existing program.

Help Text Utilities

Several Utilities are provided that assist in tracking and maintaining the User Defined Help Text.  For new Programs and Columns (Fields), the Utilities will find those missing Help Text and automatically create a brief Help Text entry based upon their known attributes.