HOAM Services Corporation


Financial Statements


In addition to the General Features common to all DOT v3 Packages, the Financial Statements Module provides complete large company functionality, automatic Interfaces to other Modules, and the following Special Features:

Unlimited Financial Reports

An Unlimited number of User Defined Financial Statments and Schedules can be designed with both Vertical and Horizontal control.  Any portion of the G/L Account Code (Up to 12 characters) or G/L Department Code (Up to 12 characters) may be used to specify the G/L Data Source.

Multiple Budgets

Multiple Budgets containing any combination of Fixed and Variable Budget data are supported.

Report Groups

Standard Groups of Financial Statements and Schedules are supported to automate report generation for even the most complex of reporting requirements.

Flexible Reporting Periods

Financial Statements may be printed at any time and for any Period in any Open Fiscal Year.  Two Fiscal Years may be open simultaneously.

Maintenance Tools

New Financial Statements, Schedules, and Budgets may be “cloned” from existing definitions, further automating the reporting process.

Special Summarization Logic

Special Summarization Logic allows complete sets of Financial Statement and Schedule Reports to be produced in minutes.