HOAM Services Corporation


General Ledger


In addition to the General Features common to all DOT v3 Packages, the General Ledger Module provides complete large company functionality, automatic Interfaces to other Modules, and the following Special Features:

User Defined Codes

Both the G/L Account Code (Up to 12 characters) and G/L Department Code (Up to 12 characters) are user defined.  Each Code may be divided into multiple segments.

Transaction Types

Normal (balanced), Single Sided (unbalanced), Recurring, and Accrual G/L Transactions are supported.

Transaction Detail

Complete G/L Transaction Detail, including original reference data at the Source Transaction level, is stored by default in the General Ledger Module.  In addition to the Source Journal Code and Number, this reference data includes:  Transaction Dates, Check Numbers, Invoice Numbers, Vendor/Payee Names, Customer/Payor Names, and Transaction Descriptions.

User Defined Summarization

Transaction Detail may be selected for Summarization on an individual Account Basis.  With Summarization selected, only one transaction per G/L Account for each Source Journal is posted to the General Ledger.

User Defined Allocations

Automatic User Defined G/L Account Allocations are available and are implemented so as to preserve intact all transaction Audit Trails.

Unit Accounts Supported

Unit and Currency based G/L Accounts are supported

Multiple Fiscal Years Open

Multiple Fiscal Years may be open simultaneously.