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Purchase Order


In addition to the General Features common to all DOT v3 Packages, the Purchase Order Management Module provides complete large company functionality, automatic Interfaces to other Modules, and the following Special Features:

Purchase Order Header and Line Notes

Up to 9999 lines of Purchase Order Header and Line Notes may be maintained.  Appropriate Default Note Lines are automatically copied from Vendor Purchasing Notes to Header Notes and from Item Master Notes to Line Notes.  Additional special Notes may also be entered and each Note Line may be targeted for any of the Purchase Order related forms (Purchase Orders, Receivers, etc.

User Defined Purchase Order Types

Multiple User Defined Purchase Order Types may be defined.  Multiple types of Normal, Master, and Master Release Purchase Orders are supported.

Multiple Ship-To Options

In addition to the Unlimited number of User Defined Item Locations, any Purchase Order may be shipped directly to any Vendor or Customer Location.

Multi-Sourced Items

For Multi-Sourced Items, Purchasing data for each Vendor is maintained including Vendor’s Item Code, Last Cost, Last Order Quantity, Minimum Order Quantity, and Lead Time.

Special Promotions

An unlimited number of Special Promotions may be maintained for specific Items or Groups of Items to insure that you take advantage of all Special Vendor Pricing opportunities.

Receiving Documents

In addition to printing Purchase Orders, separate Receiving Documents may be printed on demand to streamline the Receiving Process.

Purchase Order Data Inquiry

All Purchase Order data is always immediately available.  You may select from three (3) different views of Purchase Order data.  In addition to displaying Open Purchase Order and Receiving History by Purchase Order Number, you may also display this data by Vendor or Item.