HOAM Services Corporation


Sales History


In addition to the General Features common to all DOT v3 Packages, the Sales History Module provides complete large company functionality and the following Special Features:

Complete Sales History

Complete Detail from every Invoice is retained in the Sales History Detail Database for as long as desired.

Detail Based Reports

A variety of Detail and Summary Reports are available that run directly from the Sales History Detail Database including:  Customer, Customer/Product, Product, Product/Customer, and Salesperson reports.

Summary Based Reports

A Sales Summary Build function is available that assembles a more compact Summary Database for any User Defined Time Period.  From this Summary Database, a variety of Comparative (This Year/Last Year) and Trend Analysis (Last 12 Months) Reports may be quickly generated.

Key Data Reset

A Key Data Reset function is available that allows the Sales History to be periodically “re-aligned” to reflect current secondary keys including:  Product Categories, Salespersons, Territories, Customer Types, etc.

Sales History Inquiries

All Sales History data is always immediately available.  You may select from several different Inquiries which access the Sales History data from different Keys including:  Order Number, Invoice Number, Product Code, Item Code, Salesperson, Customer Bill-To Code, and Customer Ship-To Code.