HOAM Services Corporation


Operating Environment

The minimum DOT v3 Environment is a Virtual Memory, Windowing, and Character Cell Terminal based environment. It assumes the user is running on a PC or Mac with terminal emulation supporting 132 Column Terminal mode, Basic Video Graphics, and a keyboard with both function keys and dedicated arrow keys.

The DOT v3 Environment is highly portable and runs under virtually all implementations of UNIX, Linux, and Windows in addition to certain proprietary operating systems such as Digital Equipment Corporation's OpenVMS.  All of these operating system options can be run directly on hardware or run on a hosted Virtual Machine.  A variety of data storage methods are supported including several Multi-Key ISAMs (Digital's RMS, Informix's C-ISAM, Synergex's ISAM, etc.) and several relational Database Engines (Oracle, Sybase, SQL Server, etc.). In addition to its own Report/Data Generator, a variety of sophisticated third party tools exist to provide direct access to the User Data.