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In addition to the General Features common to all DOT v3 Packages, the System Management Module contains links to all installed DOT V3 Packages and all the functions necessary to maintain the System Wide and Company Specific settings required to manage the DOT v3 environment.  System-Wide functions, and the name implies, controls all of the information that is not specific to any one Company.

System Wide

Executable Locations

The Executable Programs can be located anywhere on the Network.  With this Function you define the network/directory path to each of the Executable Programs.  Normally there is only one (1) copy of each Executable Program on the Network regardless of the number of Companies defined.

System Printers

There is no limit to the number of System and Local Printers supported.  System Printers may be located anywhere on the Network.  This function allows you to give descriptive names to each of the System Printers, specify the characteristics, and specify the network address.

System Security

In addition to maintaining User Passwords, functions are provided to monitor and maintain Program and User  Security Levels.  Separate Levels can be maintained for Add, Change, Delete, and Inquiry  access.  An additional Security Level can be established at the individual Column (Field) level with the use of the System Tools Module.

Company Specific


Multiple Calendars may be setup and maintained.  These Calendars can be used to provide default data and otherwise control the validity of entered Dates.  The Calendars are also the basis for implementing rules based Date Filters providing another level of sophisticated date validation.

Data Table Locations

Data Tables (Files) can be located anywhere on the Network.  With this Function you define the network/directory path to each of the Data Tables.  In most Multi-User environments, only one copy of each Data Table is permitted for each Company.

Maintenance Audit Reports

When enabled from the System Tools Module, all maintenance driven changes to the selected Data Tables (Files) are automatically logged to an Audit Table.  These Audit entries are at the Column (Field) level and contain:  Date, Time, User ID, Program Name, Old data value, and New data value.  Audit entries are retained until purged by the System Manager.

Package Defaults

A variety of Processing Options are available through maintaining the Package Defaults.  These Options may be set differently for each Company on the system.