HOAM Services Corporation


Work Order


In addition to the General Features common to all DOT v3 Packages, the Work Order Module provides complete large company functionality and the following Special Features:

Work Order Header and Line Notes

Up to 9999 lines of Work Order Header and Line Notes may be maintained.  Appropriate Default Note Lines are automatically copied from Item Master Notes to Line Notes.  Additional special Notes may also be entered and each Note Line may be targeted for any of the Work Order related forms.

Bar Code Based Receiving

Work Order Receiving may be entered through a normal keyboard based Transaction Entry function or via Bar Code Scan.  Assuming the use of the Bar Coded Work Order Labels, all Work Order Receiving can be highly automated requiring only a Bar Code Scan of the item’s Work Order Label to complete its receipt.

Special Order Tracking

For Special Order Items which need to be “Made-to-Order”, a specific Work Order Line may be tied directly to a specific Sales Order Line.  In these cases, the Lines are Linked and can share data such as Notes and Completion Dates.  Special Reports within the Work Order Module can track these Links and identify any Special Orders not yet scheduled for production.

User Defined Work Order Types

Multiple User Defined Work Order Types may be defined.

Work Order Data Inquiry

All Work Order data is always immediately available.  You may display Open Work Order and Receiving History by Work Order Number or Item.