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Sales Order


In addition to the General Features common to all DOT v3 Packages, the Sales Order Module provides complete large company functionality and the following Special Features:

EDI Interface

An optional EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) Interface is available for importing and exporting data.  Data import includes complete data mapping and automatic Sales Order Generation.  Data export includes Invoice and Advance Ship Notice data.  Advanced features including Cross Docking and Automated Bar Code based packing.

Sales Order Header and Line Notes

Up to 9999 lines of Sales Order Header and Line Notes may be maintained.  Appropriate Default Note Lines are automatically copied from Customer Bill-To or Customer Ship-To Sales Notes to Header Notes and from Item Master Notes to Line Notes.  Additional special Notes may also be entered and each Note Line may be targeted for any of the Sales Order related forms (Quotes, Picking Tickets, Shippers, Invoices, etc.).

Flexible Pricing

Most Pricing, Discounting, and Allowance rules can be implemented within the standard system to provide automatic pricing of all Sales Orders.  These rules can be different for every Customer and/or Item combination and include many sophisticated features such as quantity based pricing with “mix and match” items and “chained” discounts.


Sales Order “Kitting” with both Standard Bills-of-Material and Custom “Make-to-Order” Bills-of-Material is fully supported.  Some uses of this feature include “assemble-to-ship” items such as Displays and Spares Kits.

User Defined Sales Order Types

Multiple User Defined Inventory Sales Order Types may be defined.  Multiple types of Quotes, Orders, Invoices, Credit Memos, Debit Memos, and Finance Charges are supported.

Ship-To Customers

An Unlimited number of Customer Ship-To Codes may be defined for each Bill-To Customer.  Each Ship-To Customer has its own set of Key Data allowing for differences between individual Ship-To and Bill-To defaults including:  Salesperson, Territory, Commission, Ship Via, Pricing, and Sales Tax Rate.

Sales Invoice Distributions

Up to 9999 G/L Distribution Lines may be generated for each Sales Invoice.  Most G/L Distributions are automatically generated and require no operator intervention.   Multiple Special Charges Lines with User Defined Descriptions may also be entered and appear in detail on the Sales Invoice.

Sales Order Data Inquiry

All Sales Order data is always immediately available.  You may select from three (3) different views of Sales Order data.  In addition to displaying Open Sales Orders by Sales Order Number, you may also display this data by Customer or Item.